Phototechnology Innovation lab 
at UBC

We create photochemical materials, technologies, and devices
to make new sources of energy and to monitor & protect the environment

The broad impact of our research is evident from the intellectual property generation, technology transfer, innovative product development, and the launch of a cleantech company.

These achievements are also demonstrated in the training of researchers, who progress to technical and leadership positions in industry and academia.

Photo-activated Sensors and Biosensors

Transforming any smartphone/smartwatch to a Biosensor for health monitoring and Sensor for environmental monitoring.

Photoreactors for Water & Air Purification 

Developing novel materials and photoelectrochemical devices for making clean water and air.

Artificial Photosynthesis & Solar Fuels

Creating engineered solar fuel generators for the photocatalytic production of hydrogen and value-added chemicals

Computational Modeling of Photochemical & Biological Systems

Integrate fundamental physical models with computational models for virtual prototyping and design optimization of photoreactors